• Dust Mite Controller

Dust Mite Controller


One of every three children too, are in some way allergic to dust mite allergens and very often people who suffer from coughing and wheezing may be suffering from allergic reactions to dust mites without even knowing it.

The ULTRASONIC DUST MITE CONTROLLER is a dramatic breakthrough in the fast, effective control of dust mites everywhere in a room.

The ULTRASONIC DUST MITE CONTROLLER is the first device to attack dust mites by ultrasonic sound and proven to be a very effective way of stopping the dust mite from eating and reproducing.

When plugged in, the ULTRASONIC DUST MITE CONTROLLER emits a range of ultrasonic sound frequencies not heard by humans or pets. These sounds interfere with the feeding and reproductive cycles of dust mite, reducing the population of dust mites and the allergens produced.

The ULTRASONIC DUST MITE CONTROLLER is a completely chemical free system that covers the whole of an average size bedroom, so is effective against dust mites not only in beds, bedding and pillows, but carpets, mattresses, upholstery and curtains.

Fully tested for ultrasound measures and electromagnetic compliance, the ULTRASONIC DUST MITE CONTROLLER is CE Marked and totally safe for all the family and the environment.

DustMite Controller Product Specifications:

  • Activation by electric plug
  • Covering area : 80 m³
  • Places of use: bedroom, study room, etc...

Advantages of using the Ultrasonic DustMite Controller:

  • DustMite Controller does not release any chemical substances
  • It is ecological
  • It has also been tested regarding ultrasound measures and electromagnetic compliance
  • It is CE marked
  • DustMite Controller is totally safe for all the family and the environment
  • Power usage is very low

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Dust Mite Controller

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